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Naloxone continuously more available in Arizona

In February, Archways Recovery Center posted a blog about the role of Naloxone in combating the opiate epidemic, and its new availability in Walgreens pharmacies. Since then, the accessibility of the drug continues to grow. Here is an update about the harm-reduction techniques being used today in Arizona, with the assistance of this life saving drug:

In May of 2016, Arizona state Governor Ducey signed a bill allowing pharmacies in the state to begin dispensing Naloxone without a prescription, thereby allowing this life saving medication into the hands of first responders, police officers, and even trained community members. CVS pharmacy is the most recent provider to begin dispensing the medication. Pharmacists, Paramedics and Police Officers began training on how to use the drug to save lives in December of 2016, and community training courses have opened up to the public all around the state to teach harm- reduction techniques to those interested in taking this step in combating the opiate epidemic.

Throughout 2017, non-profit organizations such as Sonoran Prevention Works and the Harm Reduction Coalition have begun putting together Naloxone kits, consisting of doses of the medication as well as gloves, alcohol pads, and other items necessary for safe administration to give out to individuals or organizations who are in frequent contact with addicted individuals. They also provide training courses and information on starting overdose prevention programs.

At Archways Recovery Centers, we applaud the efforts being made by State Officials, first responders, and kind- hearted community members to prevent overdose so that substance abusers can have the chance to receive help and go on to live safe, sober lives.

For more information on Naloxone and harm- reduction practices, or to find out how you can become trained to administer, see the following links: