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Outpatient Drug Treatment

Drug abuse is one of the leading substance abuse problems among adults. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2014) reported that nearly 10 percent of Americans aged 12 and older were illicit drug users in 2013, and almost 20 million said they used marijuana, making it the most widely used drug. For many individuals, drug use may start as something that is recreational and seems harmless but after time, this use develops into something that is a compulsive habit and no longer is ‘voluntary’. This use begins to make semi-permanent changes to the brain and can have long-lasting effects if not addressed. What was once voluntary use of a drug and begin to control one’s life and impacts not only them but all those who love them as well. Archways Recovery Centers can provide the ideal environment for recovery from drug addiction with a dynamic treatment approach that addresses the needs of each client individually for long-term success.

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Outpatient Drug Evaluation & Assessment

Comprehensive assessment is the first step in recovery from drug addiction. Our holistic approach ensures that we not only assist our clients in getting away from their drug use but that they are able to replace that use with healthy alternatives. Dealing with the underlying causes and conditions of drug use is key in helping our clients build a foundation of a life free from addiction.

Below is a sample of some of the strategies our program will include:

  • Strategies for managing cravings associated with previous use
  • The progressive stages of drug addiction and recovery
  • Relapse prevention strategies
  • How drug use has impacted the brain and what this looks like during the recovery process
  • Finding support that assists in the recovery process
  • Developing adaptive coping skills to replace drug addiction

We are here to aid you in finding the most effective and appropriate drug addiction management method. The recovery process is on-going and requires a lot of support to prevent relapse. Our program can help you find a path to freedom, begin your journey now to long-term recovery.

Benefits Of Our Intensive Outpatient Program

Work School1

Work/School Balance

Ideal for individuals that want to maintain consistency with work or school. You can successfully overcome your addiction through IOP and still be able to continue working to help support your family, or continue working towards graduation while doing it.



Generally less expensive than residential care, but still provides high-quality substance abuse treatment for those abusing drugs or alcohol.


Family Support

Many people need the support of family and friends if they hope to achieve addiction recovery success. IOP provides flexibility for individuals to return home at the end of every program day and take comfort in the familiarity of their own environments.



Our outpatient alcohol and drug rehab treatment is always confidential. This approach provides privacy because it reduces the need to explain extended time away from work or school.

Recovery From Drug Addiction is Possible

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