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Prescription Medication Dependency Treatment

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has declared that prescription drug abuse has reached epidemic status in the US (2013). They further note that in 2010, nearly 60 percent of drug overdose deaths involved pharmaceutical drugs. Often, drugs that have been prescribed for mental health conditions are the same ones that are being abused and are resulting in these deaths.

When discussing drug addiction, many individuals don’t think about prescribed medications as being problematic. However, because of the addictive nature of many prescription drugs, the pathway to addiction can be shorter than you might imagine. Prescription drug abuse refers to an individual’s taking a prescription medication without a prescription, or taking it other than as prescribed to achieve an effect (i.e., getting high). Some individuals report taking prescription medications to improve focus, but find that they can no longer function without the drug. There are numerous pathways that lead to the abuse of prescription medication, that are many times impacted by underlying psychological issues. For prescription medication dependency we have found that treatments that focus on both physical and emotional are most effective in the healing process.

The team at Archways Recovery Centers are experts in prescription medication dependency and overall addiction treatment. We have a broad understanding of the psychiatric, psychological and medical conditions that underlie the misuse of prescription medications. We will assess your history of substance abuse, and symptoms.

Archways Recovery Centers examines the underlying causes and conditions of the entire addictive disease process. As a result of this process, we are often able to identify a co-occurring psychiatric condition that may be fueling this process. It’s important to address these issues as co-occurring disorders frequently lie at the root of repeated relapses.

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Treatment consists of a unique therapeutic approach that cannot be found elsewhere.


We individualize treatment to fit your specific needs.


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Prescription Medication Dependency Evaluation & Assessment

Below is a sample of some of the strategies our program will include:

  • Strategies for managing and overcoming prescription medication cravings
  • The relationship between mental health needs and the addiction to prescription medications
  • Strategies for preventing a relapse
  • Science behind specific prescription medications and the brain
  • How to construct a strong support system
  • Develop and utilize adaptive coping skills

We are here to aid you in finding the most effective and appropriate methods to better manage your prescription medication dependency. The recovery process is on-going and requires a lot of support to prevent relapse. Our program can help you find a path to freedom, begin your journey now to long-term recovery.

Benefits Of Our Intensive Outpatient Program

Work School1

Work/School Balance

Ideal for individuals that want to maintain consistency with work or school. You can successfully overcome your addiction through IOP and still be able to continue working to help support your family, or continue working towards graduation while doing it.



Generally less expensive than residential care, but still provides high-quality substance abuse treatment for those abusing drugs or alcohol.


Family Support

Many people need the support of family and friends if they hope to achieve addiction recovery success. IOP provides flexibility for individuals to return home at the end of every program day and take comfort in the familiarity of their own environments.



Our outpatient alcohol and drug rehab treatment is always confidential. This approach provides privacy because it reduces the need to explain extended time away from work or school.

Prescription Medication Addiction Recovery is Possible

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