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Relationship & Intimacy Disorder Treatment

When individuals struggle with alcohol and drug abuse issues, we find that this impacts intimacy, connection, and sexual behaviors with others. At Archways, we feel that a holistic approach to treatment includes examining sexual behaviors and intimate relationships. This enables our clients to heal damaged relationships and to remove any secrets that contribute to shame and dysfunctional behaviors. During this process, clients are able to gain insight into emotional issues that drive these behaviors and to eliminate self-defeating patterns that contribute to shame. This enables our clients to establish a foundation from which to have healthy, connected and satisfying intimate relationships.

Our staff at Archways Recovery Centers have extensive experience helping individuals identify unhealthy relationship patterns and developing new patterns that allow them to have connected fulfilling relationships. We employ a number of innovative techniques that will help you to initially better understand these behaviors so that eventually you can overcome and resolve or treat many of the underlying issues that might be causing it.

Archways Recovery Centers staff have helped countless individuals, we can help you too.


We use evidence based and research supported techniques focused on healing.


We assist our clients in development of healthy, connected, intimate relationships.


Are you or a loved one struggling with sex and intimacy?

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Relationship & Intimacy Evaluation & Assessment

Below is a sample of some of the strategies our program will include:

  • Strategies for identifying maladaptive processes and behaviors
  • Disruption of harmful processes
  • Development of healthy, connected, intimate relationships
  • Examination of current patterns of behavior in the brain and how to develop new ones
  • Building a support system to support healthy connected loving relationships
  • Develop and utilize adaptive coping skills

We are here to aid you in finding the most effective and appropriate methods to better manage your relationship and intimacy issues. The recovery process is on-going and requires a lot of support to new, healthy patterns. Our program can help you find a path to freedom, begin your journey now to long-term recovery.

Benefits Of Our Intensive Outpatient Program

Work School1

Work/School Balance

Ideal for individuals that want to maintain consistency with work or school. You can successfully overcome your addiction through IOP and still be able to continue working to help support your family, or continue working towards graduation while doing it.



Generally less expensive than residential care, but still provides high-quality substance abuse treatment for those abusing drugs or alcohol.


Family Support

Many people need the support of family and friends if they hope to achieve addiction recovery success. IOP provides flexibility for individuals to return home at the end of every program day and take comfort in the familiarity of their own environments.



Our outpatient alcohol and drug rehab treatment is always confidential. This approach provides privacy because it reduces the need to explain extended time away from work or school.

Relationship & Intimacy Recovery is Possible

When you call Archway Recovery Centers one of our mindful addiction recovery practitioners will attentively listen to all of your concerns, answer your questions and help you determine if our Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program is the right fit for you or your loved one.

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